Validate Paper Coupons in Real Time

Press Release

Merchants in the United Kingdom and Ireland have a better option than sorting through hundreds of paper coupons and waiting for reimbursements from manufacturers each month.

Through a solution provided by epay, a division of Euronet Worldwide, merchants in the two countries can now validate, redeem, and settle the coupons with a scan of its barcode in real time as customers pay for their items.

The system, offered through epay’s partnership with Promotional Payments Solutions (PPS), also provides fully reconciled management information, eliminates fraud by making sure coupons match items purchased, and reduces negative cash flow because of long settlement times.

Using its cloud-based payment platform, epay easily integrates with point of sale terminals and existing systems at retailers through established APIs and standard protocols. Read more about this innovative digital coupon service at the epay blog or request information by email.

BPI will implement REN Connect, a product within Euronet’s REN Ecosystem of payments technologies, to rapidly interface to the new ISO 20022 standards utilized by Instapay and integrate them with the bank’s channels.

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