Access the most strategic global network available for cross-border real-time payments

Leverage Dandelion, our first-of-a-kind payments platform that modernizes the way fintechs, banks, ERPs and technology platforms integrate business and consumer cross-border real time payments into their products.

When Euronet first acquired Ria Money Transfer in 2007, Ria serviced consumer remittances to 42,000 cash points – mostly in Latin America.

We have since diversified to alternative delivery channels like bank accounts and wallets.

Today, our network spans more than 580,000 locations and connects to more than 6 billion bank and digital wallet accounts worldwide. We reach 195+ countries around the world with over 90% of payments delivered in real-time.

We built this network for ourselves and now we’re making it available to others.

With one contract, one API and one connection, get access to all the benefits of the Ria network including digital accounts, cash locations, compliance, settlement and more — all at the speed of real time payments.