Euronet Delivers Streamlined Payments Experiences to Iconic Paris Department Store

With its opening on June 23, 2021, the new Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf department store provides the ultimate shopping experience following an immaculate renovation that covers 70,000 square meters of the historic building.

LVMH, owner of the property, described the project in its recent LinkedIn post as “bringing fresh energy to Paris’ Right Bank” while also noting the creation of close to 3,000 total jobs that bring about 1,700 employees to work each day at the department store as Europe exits lockdowns and travel restrictions are lifted.

The renovation itself cost an estimated €750 million (US$894 million) and restored many of the distinctive architectural features and signage from the original building. It includes the newly opened department store and will also have a hotel and numerous restaurants when the full restoration is completed later in 2021.

The inauguration ceremony on June 21 was the first time the property has been opened since it was closed for safety reasons in 2005.

The department store, managed by the LVMH subsidiary, the DFS Group, delivers a destination location to shoppers from Paris and abroad who are in search of luxury products.

Euronet Worldwide ensures the first-class experience continues from the selection of items to the purchasing process by enabling local and international consumers to pay with their preferred payment methods.

Euronet, through its Electronic Funds Transfer business segment, has a long-standing relationship with DFS and processes payments in its stores in Italy, Singapore, the United States as well as other global locations in addition to the Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf.

“While Euronet is associated with many high-profile projects across the world, our association with LVMH and DFS in the opening of the Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf is especially exciting for our company,” said David Gebhardt, Managing Director of Euronet Merchant Services. “We are pleased to provide a frictionless integrated payments experience powered by our REN payments technologies for guests of the Samaritaine as well as play an important role in welcoming shoppers from across the world back to the regular activities we have all missed over the last year and a half.”

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