Onnipro Partners with Euronet to Enhance Card Issuing and Payment Processing in Brazil

Press Release

Euronet (NASDAQ: EEFT), a leading global financial technology solutions and payments provider, today announced the signing of an agreement with Onnipro, a subsidiary of the Onnitech Group, with headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Onnipro will leverage Euronet's Ren payments platform (Ren) to expand its card issuing capabilities to support open-loop card programs and processing through the Visa and Mastercard networks as part of this multi-year agreement.
Onnipro, the card processor for Brazil's largest employee benefits company with more than 12 million customers, is set to revolutionize its operations with Ren. By meeting the regulatory and network requirements for open-loop card programs, Onnipro can offer expanded benefit card capabilities to existing and new customers. This move will streamline its card-issuing operations and position Onnipro for future growth and innovation.
Ren's global card issuing and processing expertise is central to this partnership. With years of experience and customers worldwide, Ren provides Onnipro with a highly scalable and flexible platform designed for industry-leading uptime, seamless integration with global payment networks and superior transaction processing capabilities. Through Ren, Onnipro will accelerate its time-to-market and set a new standard in its industry.

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