Euronet-Backed Digital Casino Marker Solution, Marker Trax, Honored for Its Innovations in the Gaming Industry

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Euronet Worldwide (NASDAQ: EEFT), a leading global financial technology solutions and payments provider, announced today that Marker Trax, a Las Vegas-based gaming and technology company that utilizes Euronet’s REN payments platform (REN) for its digital casino marker solution, has been named Best Consumer-Service Technology in the Global Gaming Business (GGB) 2023 Gaming & Technology Awards.

The GGB Gaming & Technology Awards is the only North America awards program to honor excellence in innovation and practical application in all gaming disciplines. Marker Trax formally received the award at the recent G2E (Global Gaming Expo) in Las Vegas.

Marker Trax is a first-of-its-kind, regulatory-compliant and cashless alternative to the traditional casino marker. In addition to convenience for patrons, Marker Trax provides casinos with the tools to manage marker underwriting and repayments, ensuring money remains with the casino by tracking the marker in the patron’s digital account and collecting funds at the end of each gaming session.

Utilizing a microservices-based, cloud-ready architecture, REN is used by Euronet to process transactions from a wide variety of cash, card and digital payment sources in the company’s global data centers. REN is also licensed to third parties such as financial institutions and fintechs who use it with their cloud-based and on-premise applications for transaction processing, issuing, acquiring and many other real-time payments functions.

In expanding to the gaming industry, REN provides scalability and transaction speed for the growing Marker Trax user base as well as many key features such as patron identity verifications, underwriting, payments processing, settlement, reporting and the enablement of communications between Marker Trax and disparate credit bureaus, payment gateways and bank systems. All functions are performed within seconds.

"At Euronet, we were immediately intrigued by the potential of the Marker Trax solution and the role REN would play as a behind-the-scenes payment processing technology in the solution’s success," said Kevin Caponecchi, Executive VP and CEO, epay, Software and EFT Asia Pacific Division at Euronet. "The recent industry recognition not only provides a validation of our initial analysis but also provides well-deserved congratulations and additional momentum for the entire Marker Trax team and its employees who have been tremendous partners for Euronet from the beginning of our relationship."

Euronet previously announced the licensing of REN to Marker Trax in September 2021 and followed in March of this year with a separate agreement that gave Euronet minority ownership in the company. Since then, Marker Trax has accelerated the implementation of its cashless digital marker solution in the multibillion-dollar traditional and tribal casino market across the United States, resulting in heightened awareness of the solution across the gaming industry and news of the recent GGB award.

"Marker Trax is driving changes in the gaming’s digital landscape that will last forever," said Gary Ellis, Founder and CEO of Marker Trax. "This award both validates the team’s hard work and motivates us to keep pressing forward. In addition, the payments technology of REN and the backing of Euronet will continue to be foundational in keeping Marker Trax at the forefront of the cashless transformation of the gaming industry."

About Marker Trax, LLC

Marker Trax is a cashless, digital alternative to a casino marker. The product is the first of its kind to offer regulatory-compliant casino marker technology that takes inefficiency out of issuing advances and provides casinos with the tools to manage their casino credit underwriting and repayments. Developed and patented by the company’s founder, Gary Ellis, in 2018, Marker Trax makes for a more efficient gaming experience for players. The Marker Trax system allows players to be scored and given access to their markers in minutes. Marker Trax integrates into casino operating systems, allowing for easy start-up and player tracking. More information about Marker Trax can be found on the company’s website at

About Euronet Worldwide Inc.

Euronet Worldwide is a leading global financial technology solutions and payments provider. The Company offers payment and transaction processing solutions to financial institutions, retailers, service providers and individual consumers. These services include comprehensive ATM, POS and card outsourcing services, card issuing and merchant acquiring services, software solutions, cash-based and online-initiated consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business money transfer services, and electronic distribution of digital media and prepaid mobile phone time.

Euronet’s global payment network is extensive – including 51,437 installed ATMs, approximately 590,000 EFT POS terminals and a growing portfolio of outsourced debit and credit card services which are under management in 65 countries; card software solutions; a prepaid processing network of approximately 777,000 POS terminals at approximately 352,000 retailer locations in 63 countries; and a global money transfer network of approximately 509,000 locations serving 188 countries and territories. With corporate headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, USA, and 66 worldwide offices, Euronet serves clients in approximately 200 countries and territories. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at

Photo of Marker Trax and Euronet employees holding an award from the gaming industry
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