Euronet Sponsors Creation of Forest in Spain

With the Galicia Reforestation Initiative, we are helping to restore the damage from the fires in 2016 by planting 3,050 trees in an area of 3.1 hectares adopted by Euronet!

Galicia is a dry, fire prone region of northwestern Spain, which is also the continent’s hardest-hit region in terms of wildfires: 2020 saw more acreage burned here than in the previous two years combined. And in October 2017, Galicia suffered from a wave of deadly wildfires that destroyed 9,7 million of acres.

In collaboration with local partner CO2 Revolution, a non-profit organization, Euronet sponsored the creation of a forest in the region of Galicia in Spain. We have planted 3.050 trees in an area of 3.1 hectares at a total cost of 9,000 EUR +VAT. With innovations such as:

We make sure that the forest will be maintained, and we will monitor its progress. We will be able to share with you photos as the forest grows and share the excitement of this contribution to nature.

Photo of a tree being planted.
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