Euronet Poland Makes Christmas Dreams Come True

Santa's Qurier is a charity in Poland aimed at making Christmas dreams come true for those children who, for various reasons, cannot count on Christmas gifts.
The "Polki Mogą Wszystko" Foundation, together with partner companies, prepares Christmas presents for children from community, village and socio-therapeutic day care centers and other places supporting children in difficult life situations.
As Euronet Poland, we are again among these supporting partner companies. Many of our employees took on the role of Father Christmas! They chose a letter with a child's dream and made it come true.
We received more than 30 letters written by children or their caregivers from the day care center in Księży Dwór. The children received their dream presents at the Christmas party.
We received thanks for our participation in the charity, as well as photos from the Christmas meeting, where the children received their presents from our donors.

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