epay Germany Participates in Four Charitable Activities

In Spring 2024, epayGermany assisted with four impactful community service projects in collaboration with Caritas and BUND Naturschutz München. They included:

  • Environmental Work: epay employees dedicated time to the conservation efforts in Magdalenenpark Pasing/ Munich, aiding in the construction and repair work vital for the local ecosystem.
  • Supporting Youth: At the Alveni Youth House, epay employees built herb shelves and transformed spaces to create a nurturing environment for the residents.
  • Nurturing the Next Generation: epay employees helped create a safe garden area at the daycare center St. Anna, ensuring a secure space to play for the children.
  • Ongoing Conservation: epay Germany’s continued environmental work in Magdalenenpark Pasing reflects the company’s commitment to ongoing environmental stewardship.
epay Germany is proud of the 36 devoted employees who participated in the activities.

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