Euronet Launches Dandelion – A First-of-A-Kind B2B Payments Platform That Simplifies Cross-Border Payments With A True Real-Time Solution

Now, there is a one-stop-shop solution to access the most expansive global network for real-time cross-border payments.

Press Release

Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), a leading global financial technology solutions and payments provider, announced today the launch of Dandelion – a first-of-a-kind cross-border payments platform that modernizes the way fintechs, banks, ERPs and tech platforms can integrate business and consumer cross-border payments into their products.

Today, consumers and businesses send more than $155 Trillion* in cross-border payments annually – with costs exceeding $200 Billion**. This market has seen a tremendous change in customer expectations – driven by global adoption of digital payments, regulatory reform, a global labor market that is transforming with temporary and gig workers, and rapid expansion into emerging markets. These shifts are also leaving consumers and small businesses underbanked and unprepared to keep up with global economic dynamics. This enormous and changing market has been overlooked – still relying on fragmented legacy systems that are slow, clunky and lack transparency and accessibility.

For most businesses, making an international payment is a difficult process. That’s because the current infrastructure is driven by a series of complex processes with no end-to-end solution. International payments touch an average of five banks, collecting unexpected fees and delays along the way and often requiring manual processes like emails, paper trails, invoices and phone calls. All of this adds cost and inefficiency. Cryptocurrencies have tried to fill this gap and moved financial systems forward, but there is real concern that crypto moves the global financial system backwards on tracking and reporting of monies, security, transparency and financial stability…(Read More)

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