Offer Cardless Cash Payouts at ATMs

As consumers, we want easy access to cash with improved security but without barriers or extra steps to complete a transaction.

Cardless transactions meet these goals and drive the ATM customer experience to the next level of convenience using mobile devices as primary touch points to enable and accelerate the connected commerce experience.

Euronet offers cardless cash payouts from its ATMs through special codes that can be distributed by businesses as employee benefits, contest or lottery prizes, loyalty program rewards, or consumer rebates.

Recipients of the codes simply enter the digits sent to their mobile devices in a Euronet ATM to receive their cash.

Leading companies in industries such as food and beverage, electronics, energy, and broadcasting regularly use cardless payouts as part of promotions such as these:

Preorder Cash

Euronet cardless cash out gives customers the ability to enable an ATM cash withdrawal from their desktop or mobile app. The power to pre-stage ATM transactions significantly improves the customer experience.

Instant Cash Rewards

Immediately providing cash to consumers is the best way to deliver rewards, rebates and incentives. Cash has the power of a memorable consumer experience and is by far better than other means such as gift cards, prepaid items, or virtual bonus points.

Money Transfer

Euronet cardless cash out gives customers the ability to send money to individuals by using the ATM as the delivery channel for domestic and international money transfers.

Redemption of Winnings

Lottery and gaming operators add to their delivery channels by leveraging Euronet ATMs as places for consumers to cash out their winnings.

Convenience Payouts

Companies use Euronet ATMs to deliver cash rebates or bonuses and even periodic payments to their affiliates or members of their partner networks. This approach also works for banks who offer the payout service to select corporate customers.

Promotional Payouts

Companies encourage customers, employees, and partners to provide their codes in a Euronet ATM to receive eligible cash amounts as a result of a promotional campaign.

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