Use Cases

ATMs in the Community Program Provides Cash Access to Residents of Rural Areas

Euronet Worldwide established its ATMs in the Community program in 2020 with the goal of providing access to cash for people who live far from large urban centers.

The need for ATMs in these areas has steadily increased the last 10 years across Europe as financial institutions reduced their commercial networks by 40% and closed remote bank branches because of economic issues and mergers. In Spain, for example, 50% of Catalan municipalities do not have a bank branch according to the latest data from the Bank of Spain and the INE.

As an independent ATM provider, Euronet decided to fill the vacancies left behind by the traditional banks with the launch of this European-wide program that ensures citizens and businesses in these communities can safely access cash.

One of the first ATMs in the Community participants was El Bruc a municipality in Catalonia, Spain.

“I wanted to provide my neighbors and the community with access to cash and when I spoke with Euronet, they offered me the best option in every way,” said Bàrbara Ortuño, the Mayor of the Bruc City Council. “Installing the ATM was very quick and easy, and the city is already enjoying the use of the ATM, knowing that they do not have to travel 10 km on many occasions depending on the limited hours offered by their public transport to get their money. This entire process, the sales team and the Euronet facilities department have been very efficient and helpful in the quick process.“

Local governments or communities can approach Euronet directly to offer a location in their city or town where the ATM can be located. Once approved, Euronet will manage the installation, maintenance, and operations of the ATM.

Beyond cash access, Euronet ATMs also offers a centralized community service that can be used to advertise on behalf of local businesses, display governmental notices, and support the AMBER Alert initiative that publishes alerts about missing children.

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