ATMs Assist AMBER Alert Europe

ATMs can be used for many functions besides dispensing cash – including providing potentially life-saving information.

For example, Euronet has partnered with AMBER Alert Europe, who manages the European Police Expert Network on Missing Persons and is backed by the European Parliament through a written declaration. The organization is dedicated to saving missing children by connecting law enforcement with other police experts and the public across Europe.

Euronet began this partnership in the Netherlands where alerts and awareness campaigns on behalf of the organization are published on ATM welcome screens throughout the country.

In one case, a child was reported missing in June 2019. AMBER Alert Europe asked Euronet to help publicize the case. Within eight hours, the child’s photo and information appeared on more than 900 ATM welcome screens and remained there until the child was found two days later.

Nationwide television news programs had also publicized the case and pointed citizens to the Euronet ATMs as a place where they could see the child’s information and photo.

Euronet recently expanded its coverage with AMBER Alert Europe beyond the Netherlands to include countries where both organizations are active on the continent.

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