Euronet Offers Advertising Options on ATMs

ATM advertisements enable direct marketing in a new and exciting way.

Euronet has thousands of visible ATMs in areas with high usability and pedestrian traffic, providing advertisers with effective digital and physical options for promoting their products and services.

There are many formats that act in sync and touch the consumer during his interaction with the ATM: screens (videos and images), receipts, coupons plus the ATM is an ideal medium to implement cash-based reward campaigns.


ATM surfaces act as a canvas where brands can position their promotional messages on the sides or fronts of the machines. Special wrapping that covers most of the machine is also available. Magnetic stickers can also be used to promote an advertiser’s message in large format.


Paper ATM receipts can feature an advertiser’s message on the top above the customer’s transaction information. Full color messages can be pre-printed on the receipt. Unique promotional PIN codes can be generated and printed on the receipts at the time of the transaction. Black and white text, logos, bar codes, and QR codes are also available.


Euronet ATM screens catch the attention of their users but also those walking by the machines with high quality video and images. Brands can use the initial welcome screens or the screens used during transactions to engage the ATM user with immersive messaging.


Euronet ATMs can distribute an advertiser’s personalized and targeted coupon with a successful cash withdrawal. The coupons are the same size and paper quality as cash. They can offer a discount on a product or service or provide information only.

Cash Rewards

Cash rewards are a powerful feature for any brand and the ATM is the ideal channel to deliver them. Advertisers can design marketing campaigns that result in cash rewards for select customer groups. Cash can then be redeemed at our ATMs using cardless, mobile-enabled interactions with the ATM.

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