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Easy Onboarding

Join an RTP network easily with REN Connect and build new products quickly with our digital overlay services

REN Connect

REN Connect uses technologies from the modular architecture of the REN Foundation to streamline connections to RTP networks.

REV Payments Cloud
RTP participants access REN Connect via the REV Payments Cloud
… or RTP participants can install the REN Connect solution on premise in their data center or private cloud.
Developers not required! Connect to your country’s RTP network through a low code, drag-and-drop user interface.

With REN Connect, your financial institution can start delivering the real time payments banking products consumers demand. Learn more in this short video:

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REN Connect is ideal for any participant who needs assistance to join their country’s real time payments network and ease the burden of integration with existing back office systems.

Make real-time, cross-border transactions with REN Connect Plus

REN Connect Plus

REN Connect Plus extends a participant’s real time payments capabilities to international systems through the cross-border payment networks of Euronet companies Ria Money Transfer and Xe and the real-time payments systems where they are certified.

REN Connect GO

REN Connect GO is a collection of digital payments overlay services, mobile apps and Web-based applications traditional banks use to:

Deliver fast and convenient payments experiences.
Compete with fintech products.

Retain and grow customer bases.

REN Connect GO provides services that meet your customers’ demands for speedy and convenient payments experiences. Learn more in this short video:
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REN Connect GO is available to banks who are planning to or have already connected to a real time payments network.

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