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REV Payments Cloud

Create More Value for Your Customers Through the REV® Payments Cloud and Our Global Networks and Assets


Quickly add money transfers, digital content downloads, ATM interaction, and other “sticky” content to apps and websites from our range of solutions and global payments networks.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer Network


Retail and Digital Content Network

Ria Money Transfer and Xe

Money Transfer Network

An Example

How Businesses Use the REV™ Payments Cloud

Consider an app a bank offers its customers

Consider the example of a financial institution (FI) who provides an app to access banking services. The FI can quickly add one or many valuable services to their app using the APIs of Euronet’s networks and assets provided by the REV Payments Cloud.

REV Payments Cloud

To start, the FI uses the REV Payments Cloud to access REN Connect and join its country’s real time payments network. The FI then uses our digital overlay services to build a real time bill payment feature for its customers.

REV Payments Cloud

Next, the FI uses our epay network to add mobile minute top-up purchases as well as access to digital content (music, gaming, etc.) from leading brands.

REV Payments Cloud

Our money transfer network then provides API access to our Ria Money Transfer and Xe platforms for adding KYC, multiple currency, and money conversion services to the app. The network also empowers users to find a Ria retail location to make or receive a money transfer in person.

REV Payments Cloud

Finally, the FI leverages the payments gateways and platforms of our EFT division to add a virtual debit card and a connection to the SWIFT network. Our IBAN service provides a way to add funds to the virtual card. The REV Payments Cloud also enables app users to withdraw cash from the balance on the virtual card at any of the approximately 50,000 Euronet ATMs worldwide.

REV Payments Cloud
As shown in this example, the REV Payments Cloud uniquely provides API-based digital solutions and physical touch points for your customers. Integrate essential and powerful financial solutions like these in your app or web application — without the burden of managing the core payments technologies or infrastructure yourself.
REV Payments Cloud

Grow Your Business With Euronet's Assets

Quickly Build New Digital Products

Expand Your Geographic Footprint

Grow Your Customer Base and Revenues

REV Payments Cloud

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