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Modernize Through Incremental Innovation

Seize the opportunities presented by the changing payments landscape with minimal risk to your current operations

Meet the Demands of Today's Customers with the Modular Architecture of the REN Foundation

Our REN Foundation includes payments platforms and technologies that are used on an individual or group basis to provide retail banking solutions.
Built from the ground up using the latest languages and best practices, the REN Foundation works in new infrastructures or in parallel with your legacy system, giving you confidence to build innovative products while eliminating risk to your current operations.
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No ripping & replacing: "Pay as you Grow" pricing

The REN Foundation’s heterogeneous environment integrates with your legacy environment (OS, database, etc.) and delivers new, modern functionalities as you need them. Innovate — and pay — at your own pace.

Go to market quickly on new opportunities

REN microservices are written with modern programming languages and make features and mandates easy to create and maintain by separating business logic from core processing.

Lower the total cost of ownership of your system

Gain linear scalability in processed transactions per second with the addition of each server, even on lower cost OEM agnostic hardware.

Expand partnerships and customer bases quickly

Financial institutions can grant API access to their REN solutions to enter new technology partnerships and business integrations with FinTechs, peer banks, and other third parties.

REN Foundation: Flexible Platforms for Powerful Payments Solutions

Manage card-based and digital retail payments while empowering your business to innovate and pursue new opportunities.

Through its modular construction and microservices-based approach to development, the REN Foundation helps your financial institution quickly build the new mobile and digital products your customers demand.

The REN Foundation platforms are suitable for physical data centers or cloud environments. They can be used in new infrastructures or in parallel with legacy systems as the basis for a digitization and modernization strategy.

REN Foundation's Platforms & Technologies
For Delivering End-to-End Solutions
Intelligent Switching
API Gateway
ISO 20022 Interfaces
POS Management
Alternative Payments
Bill Payments
Digital Wallet Management
ATM Driving
Dynamic Currency Conversion
Fraud Monitoring
Settlement Account Management
Card Issuing, Clearing, and Acquiring
External Wallets
Stand-In Processing
Transaction Alerting
Authorization Code Management
REN Data Transformer

Keep Your Systems Current With the Changing Payments Landscape

REN Data Transformer, a product built from the platforms of the REN Foundation, maps and transforms incoming and outgoing messages (including ISO 20022) to any format.

Diagram of a payments system

Your current systems must constantly make connections to new internal and external applications and manage the flow of incoming and outgoing data in the latest message formats and protocols.

Icon of a software developer

Unfortunately, this can be a time-consuming and difficult process if your message formats and mapping rules are hard coded into your platforms by your software developers.

Icon of a puzzle showing a complete solution

The REN Data Transformer solves these problems by enabling message and data element updates in less time without requiring code changes from your development team.

Image of gears working together

Easily Configure Data Elements, Change Data Attributes, and Modify Mapping Rules

REN Foundation

Build on Your Future, Not Your Legacy!

Quickly Build New Digital Products

Modernize With Minimal Risk

Budget Friendly "Pay As You Grow" Pricing

We created the REN Foundation to help us keep pace with the quickly evolving payments industry. Today, it processes simple to complex transactions in our worldwide data centers with no downtime and is agile enough to adapt to future requirements. We rely on the REN Foundation and now you can too!
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Retail payments with REN Foundation