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Innovation for Now and the Future

Is your business seeking a competitive edge in the evolving payments industry?
Opportunity is everywhere. Mobile. Open banking. ISO 20022 and real time payments. Cross-border transactions. Alternative payments. All these modern payment advancements are exciting. But they only matter if you can deliver solutions with them.
That’s where the REN Ecosystem can help.
Our modular system delivers a wide range of global solutions for financial institutions, retailers, FinTechs, and governments. From digital to cash solutions. Any transaction, anywhere.
REN Ecosystem

Flexible Options That Fit Your Requirements

Euronet is a worldwide leader in processing transactions. Our global business segments operate in complex transaction environments every day. The same technologies that run our businesses are available to you.

Transform Your Business with Our Payments Technologies

REN Ecosystem
The REN Ecosystem includes digital assets such as our payments platforms, worldwide networks, and content from leading brands.
REN Ecosystem
The REN Ecosystem also includes our physical assets (ATMs, POS terminals at retail locations, money transfer locations, etc.).
REN Ecosystem
You can license the REN Ecosystem through options that match your development requirements.

On premise. Private or public clouds. As services.

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The REN Ecosystem accommodates any requirements.

If your business builds and hosts software solutions on premise, use:

Remove the Risk of Innovation and Go to Market Quickly on New Business Opportunities

Modernize without ripping and replacing your legacy system. Provide complete card-based and digital retail payment processing services from your on-premise data center or self-managed cloud environment. Learn more about the modern REN Foundation architecture and its solutions for retail payments, real time payment participants, and central banks.

If your business builds software solutions in cloud environments with APIs, use:

Access the Power of Euronet's Global Networks, Payments Technologies, and Physical Assets

Quickly add value to your digital financial products by leveraging Euronet’s worldwide assets. Add money transfers, digital content downloads, ATM interactions, and other advanced functionality through API connections to our payments platforms, networks, and physical assets with the REV Payments Cloud.

In addition to the development technologies provided by the REN Foundation and REV Payments Cloud, Euronet also offers the following products that address specific situations in the payments industry.

Scalable, Stable, and Secure Infrastructure for Real Time Payments

Implement a secure and scalable real time payments system in your country’s central bank with an architecture designed to eliminate downtime and streamline upgrades with REN RTP. We also offer solutions for stabilizing and advancing the functionality of national switches.

Fast and Easy Onboarding
to Real Time Payments Networks

Participate in your national real time payments system by connecting quickly and easily through our drag-and-drop software (on premise or cloud accessible) called REN Connect. Extend your real time payments cross border with REN Connect Plus and add value to all RTP connections with our REN Connect GO digital payments overlay services.

Keep Your Systems Current With the Changing Payments Landscape

REN Data Transformer provides an integration layer between payment systems and new applications, protocols, and message formats. It maps and transforms incoming and outgoing messages (including ISO 20022) to any format using industry standard XSLT technology and a visual drag-and-drop editor.

Learn More Today!

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