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Euronet Worldwide, Inc.

EFT: Providing transaction processing services and access to cash

Our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) segment meets the needs of financial institutions and consumers through Euronet-owned and outsourced ATMs and POS terminals combined with value-added services.

Euronet’s Electronic Fund Transfer (“EFT”) segment provides comprehensive electronic payment processing solutions. Its products and services include:
  • ATM cash withdrawal and deposit services through Euronet’s ATM network that includes Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and the United States.
  • Connections to world-leading payment businesses and networks including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and China Union Pay.
  • ATM network participation
  • Outsourced ATM and POS management solutions
  • Credit and debit card outsourcing
  • Card issuing and merchant acquiring services
Electronic Funds Transfer
In addition to these core business services, Euronet’s EFT segment offers a variety of value added services including:
  • ATM and POS dynamic currency conversion
  • Domestic and international ATM surcharge
  • ATM advertising
  • Customer relationship management (aka “CRM”)
  • Mobile top-up
  • Bill payment
  • Fraud management
  • Foreign remittance payout
  • Cardless payout
  • Banknote recycling solutions
  • Tax-refund services
Through this segment, Euronet also offers a suite of integrated electronic financial transaction software solutions for electronic payment and transaction delivery systems.

Learn More

If you are in Europe and interested in ATM services for your business, visit a Euronet ATM website:

If you are in the United States and interested in ATM outsourcing services, visit Euronet company Dolphin Debit.

If you have a question about a transaction at a Euronet ATM, please visit contacteuronetworldwide.com for assistance.