REN Ecosystem

Powering Payments Modernization

The REN Ecosystem provides the software your business needs to build competitive solutions in the constantly changing payments and financial services industries.

The REN Ecosystem includes two products for development teams at banks, FinTechs, and financial institutions. Choose the best approach for your development environment:

REV Payments Cloud Access our payments platforms and technologies as services through a single API integration with the REV Payments Cloud. You can also use our network of digital content from leading brands as well as our ATMs, POS terminals, and money transfer locations as part of your company's apps or web applications. Learn More

REN Foundation Drive modernization and digital transformation strategies in your data center without replacing your existing system. Leverage our payments platforms and intelligent switching functionality that interprets any transactional data type. With a reliance on modern programming languages and linear scalability on any hardware, the REN Foundation also lowers your total cost of ownership. Learn More

REN Removes the Barriers to Innovation

Which approach is right for you? Consider these few examples of the many ways our customers use REN Ecosystem technologies.

REN Ecosystem
REN Foundation REV Payments Cloud
Data Center or Private Cloud PaaS or SaaS Solutions Network Assets*
Manage new alternative payments in your data center
Enable cash payouts from an app at Euronet ATMs
Add Dynamic Currency Conversion to your network of ATMs
Use REN switching in your data center and distribute iTunes in your digital wallet
Consolidate multiple bill payment services at your retail POS systems
Implement a GDPR-compliant mobile phone top-up service at your retail locations
Stage a cross-border money transfer in your custom app and enable customers to use Ria Money Transfer locations to pay and receive the cash
Dynamically present a one-time, tokenized payment bar or QR code in your digital wallet in place of your customer's credit card or bank account numbers
Simplify access to complex web services supplied by multiple legacy systems in your existing data center
Provide add-on warranty services on specific items at your cash registers with dynamically generated scheduled payments based on the sale date
* Euronet's worldwide networks of ATMs, POS terminals, digital content, and money transfer locations
REN Ecosystem

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