Providing Streamlined Solutions
for Common Payments Issues

REN Solutions is a collection of easy-to-implement products designed to quickly address specific payments use cases.

All REN Solutions are built using modules from the REN Payments Platform. Our pre-packaging of these solutions provides development teams several key features and benefits.
Perfect when you need a “quick fix” and are not necessarily ready to invest time and resources into a new comprehensive platform.
Deployments are simplified as each REN Solution is designed with streamlined installations that require minimal configurations.
Visual design elements and low code environments enable you to address your payments situation and deploy a solution quickly.

Deploy solutions for real time payments, card management, device driving and more

Fast and easy onboarding for financial institutions to the real time payments networks in their countries.
Monetize your real time payments connection with digital payments overlay services (P2P, bill payments, payroll, etc.).
REN Issuing

Card issuing services including physical, tokenized and virtual cards.

REN Acquiring

Merchant acquiring services including traditional and digital payments, ATMs and POS.

Scalable, stable and secure infrastructure for operating a real time payments network from a central bank.
A message mapping product that enables compatibility between modern and legacy systems.
REN Self-Service

Easy-to-use and advanced management for ATM fleets, POS systems and kiosks

Flexible Deployments for Any Development Environment

On Premise

Deploy and manage REN Solutions in your data center.


REN Soutions operate in popular cloud environments such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Euronet Hosted

Access REN Solutions from one of Euronet’s worldwide data centers via open APIs.