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About Euronet

Euronet Worldwide is a leading global financial technology solutions and payments provider.

Founded in 1994, our processing capabilities started with a single ATM in Budapest, Hungary. From there, we evolved to processing 16-digit card numbers at POS terminals all the way to the present digital era where our multiple worldwide data centers process billions of transactions each year.

Given our volume and global presence, our data centers must process a wide variety of transactions with any number of payment types, including digital-to-cash, cash-to-digital, card based, dynamic digital codes, cross border, multiple currencies, and real time settlements.

Our Worldwide Coverage

We serve approximately 190 countries and territories with employees in 56 countries and 66 business offices around the globe.

World map of Euronet locations

Our Global Offices

Contact the Euronet office near you for information about our services in your area.

Our segments drive transactions for consumers and businesses in all areas of the world.

Our electronic funds transfer (EFT) business segment deploys and operates ATMs across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and the US and also provides comprehensive electronic payment processing solutions.

Our epay division focuses largely on retail payments solutions and delivering innovative connections between the digital content of the world’s leading brands and consumers.
Our money transfer segment provides global money transfers and payments as well as currency exchange information through retail stores, apps, and websites through Ria Money Transfer, Xe and the Dandelion cross-border real-time payments network.
Michael J. Brown. Chairman, CEO, and President of Euronet Worldwide.
“I founded Euronet with a mission to bring financial payment inclusion to those who have not had it before.” — Michael J. Brown • Chairman, CEO, and President
Our transactions collectively serve all corners of the globe and deliver financial inclusion to a range of environments including those with banked and unbanked consumers, areas with cash dependencies, and regions where the convenience of mobile purchases, demand for real time payments, and safety of contact-less digital transactions are in high demand.

Our years of first-hand experience in complex transaction environments has resulted in a deep understanding of current payment needs. The same payments platform and cross-border, real-time payment network we developed to solve these problems is also available to you.

REN is our end-to-end payments platform that breaks architectural paradigms to keep pace with global payment trends. In addition to processing billions of transactions per year for Euronet, REN technology is utilized by businesses in banking, financial services, insurance, gaming and other industries for integration into their own applications, offering issuing, acquiring and real-time payment services with total freedom in commercial and technological terms.

Dandelion is a first-of-a-kind payments network that modernizes the way fintechs, banks, ERPs and technology platforms integrate business and consumer cross-border real time payments into their products. With one API connection, your application can access all the benefits of our global money transfer network including bank and digital wallet accounts, cash locations, settlement and more — all at the speed of real time payments.


Euronet is an ideal partner for anyone needing to invest in a payments foundation that is future proof, scalable, cost effective, and secure.

Euronet employees are located worldwide.
Euronet employees are located worldwide.
Euronet employees are located worldwide.
Euronet employees are located worldwide.


Learn more by contacting us or locating a Euronet office near you.