Making Mobile Top Up Payments More Secure

Topping up the minutes on your phone plan is now faster and more secure at many retailers in Italy thanks to epay.

In the past, a mobile-minutes purchase required a customer to audibly repeat their phone number to the store clerk, who would then enter the number into the system for processing. Not only was this time consuming, but it also exposed a sensitive piece of personal information to the store clerk as well as to any other customers within hearing distance.

To remedy the situation, epay devised a new system that enables customers to stage a top-up transaction on their phone including the number of minutes to purchase and payment information before ever entering the store.

When the transaction is completed, a bar code is stored on the phone.

All the customer must do inside the store, then, is present the bar code for scanning at the register to complete the top-up, saving time and keeping all personal information confidential.

2021 Annual Report

Every Payment Tells A Story

Would you like an easier, faster and safer way to top up your mobile phone credit?

Today you buy phone top-up by dictating your phone number aloud at the cashier. This takes time and does not protect your privacy because someone could listen to it and memorize it.

Now, with the new “click and reload” method, simply …

Open your carrier’s app.

Select your phone number and top-up amount within the app, and generate your personalized barcode.

Have this barcode scanned at the nearest tobacconist to quickly recharge your phone.

You can pay in cash …

… and you will receive credit from the operator in real time!

An ever easier, faster and safer way to top up your phone credit… without errors or waiting and that protects your privacy.

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Or try it today at your trusted tobacconist and you won’t be able to do without it!