Automated Payments at Parking Garages

The basic parking garage is a thing of the past.

The first mobility hub opened in Cologne, Germany, in 2021 and is set to catch on in other areas of the world.

epay provides an end-to-end solution from the recording of the license plates to automated contactless payments for short- and long-term parkers.

It is also more economical to operate because no defect-prone barriers, tickets or coin-operated machines are involved.

2021 Annual Report

Every Payment Tells A Story

No matter where you go, parking will never be the same again.

Completely limitless – completely cashless.

Introducing the digitization of urban parking garages with an innovative free-flow system and cashless payment that increases the use of the garage by local citizens and improves the value of the property.

When your customer drives into your multi-story car park or parking garage in the future…

… there are no barriers, no cash, no ticket.

At the entrance, the license plate numbers are captured by cameras.

The license plate counts as a ticket.

The beginning time of parking is saved.

Here it is also determined whether it is a short-term or long-term parker.

Otherwise, it is parking as usual for the garage visitors.

Cashless payments can then be made quickly and more efficiently at the payment terminal.

The customer enters their license plate number.

The numbers are compared with the scanned numbers…

… and verified.

Time and price are calculated and sent to the terminal.

The customer can choose from all common and modern payment methods.

The payment process starts and is coordinated and processed automatically in the epay data center.

epay guarantees maximum security.

After completing the payment process…

… you can get a receipt.

When exiting, the system recognizes …

… whether the parking time of the vehicle was paid for …

and automatically deletes the license plate data.

Have a Good Ride!

All benefits at a glance:

  • Completely barrier-free and cashless parking is in line with the new, urban freedom of mobility demanded by consumers.
  • The garage increases in value through digitization and evolution of the parking experience into a barrier-free and cashless mobility space and service center.
  • Digitized and modernized mobility hubs and neighborhood garages increase traffic and boosts sales for the neighborhood and local businesses.
  • Innovation and security, all in parking space management of the future with the powerhouse for parking, ParkenPropertyPartner, and the established payment service provider, epay.