Accessing Cash With BLIK

Fintech companies and digital banking solutions leverage Euronet’s global cash network and ATMs to bridge the gap between digital and cash payments. One example is BLIK, an in-app mobile payment method offered by most banks in Poland.

BLIK offers users payment security by supplying codes that can be used in place of debit card or bank account numbers for transactions. BLIK users enter the codes on POS devices and e-commerce websites for purchases and at ATMs and CDMs to withdraw and deposit money. The BLIK app can also send peer-to-peer (P2P) payments.

Of these activities, ATM withdrawals are one of the most popular for BLIK users, and Euronet’s ATM network in Poland of approximately 8,000 machines provides many of these cash payouts through the codes the BLIK app generates.

2021 Annual Report

Every Payment Tells A Story

Did you know that with BLIK, all you need to withdraw cash from an ATM is your phone?
I launch my bank’s app, log in. OK.
Cardless withdrawal. Withdrawal with BLIK.
I’ll take a hundred.
I don’t need the receipt. Protect the planet!
And now, you must enter the BLIK code. Press BLIK – the code is displayed.
Six, six, seven, nine. Accept.
My app asks me to confirm the transaction.
I’m logged in, so everything is safe. Confirm.
The bank accepted the transaction for execution. One hundred zlotys – there is even the ATM’s location. Okay.
Here it is. I haven’t my wallet with me, but I have cash and I did not have to borrow it.