Use Cases

Work With Any Type Data In Any Format

The speed at which consumers adopt emerging digital payment options demands that you innovate and implement solutions quickly.

When you’re a payments industry leader like Euronet, processing billions of transactions a year covering 100+ countries in every global currency and dozens of different payment types, you need the most powerful and adaptable system available.

We needed a solution that would enable us to work with any type data in any format and the ability to adapt quickly to a changing payments landscape, all with minimal-to-no downtime.

We then leveraged over 40 years of payments experience to purpose build the REN Ecosystem from the ground up.

REN allows us to modernize payments processing, reduce costs, and gives us the ability to get to market faster with solutions for our partners. Today, REN provides a solutions framework that allows us to evolve, grow, and respond to the future at the speed required in today’s digital market.

As financial institutions add new service features and offerings that consumers demand, the complexity of incorporating new and innovative services has soared.

What was once a reasonably simple process has become an enormous task that, in many cases, adds significant cost – in development hours and time-to-market – and creates unnecessary risk.

REN breaks down the limitations of environments, technology, legacy systems, and unanticipated requirements by providing the infrastructure, when coupled with products and features, that provides solutions to address your business problems.

REN can help you overcome barriers to innovation by minimizing risk, complexity, and time-to-market, all while reducing cost and development time.

Work With Any Type Data In Any Format