Use Cases

Make Transactions GDPR Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was put into effect in Spring of 2018 as the primary law that regulates how companies protect the personal data of European citizens.

The law forced all companies to evaluate their practices in regard to storing and interacting with personal information, causing many to invest new resources or re-architect older systems to avoid stiff penalties and fines for violating the new statutes.

While GDPR affected all industries, retailers and their payments processors were particularly sensitive to the new mandates given their direct connection to crucial personal information on each transaction.

Euronet saw the impact GDPR would have well before it become law and was able to provide many innovative solutions to its customers to help them comply with GDPR once it became official.

One such example occurred with our mobile operators in Italy.

Prior to GDPR, a customer could top-up minutes on their mobile phone by supplying their phone number to a cashier at a retailer.

While sharing personal information for such transactions used to be common, it became a very large problem for mobile operators under the new strict information sharing rules imposed under GDPR.

To remedy the situation, epay developed an alternative solution that is fully GDPR-compliant.

Now, a customer in Italy accesses the mobile operator app on their phone and selects the amount of top-up minutes he or she would like to purchase. The app sends the information to Euronet’s payments cloud which generates a random single-use tokenized barcode. The retailer then scans the barcode to collect the money and deliver the top-up.

With this solution, the phone number is no longer shared among parties, solving a major problem in the new GDPR-compliant world.

This is an example where Euronet combined several microservices with the company’s tokenization, mobile top-up, compliance, settlement and bar code presentation capabilities.

Now deployed in Italy, the system embodies a unique GDPR privacy compliance solution that will spare mobile operators and retailers from the scrutiny of the EU and keep consumers safe.

Make Transactions GDPR Compliant