Euronet Launches Refreshed Brand Strategy, Including New Corporate Logo and Refined Mission Statement

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Euronet (NASDAQ: EEFT), a leading global financial technology solutions and payments provider, launched a new visual identity today following an extensive process to refresh its corporate brand strategy. The launch includes a new logo and visual concepts as well as a refined mission statement that reflect the company’s original values in increasing global financial inclusion while it continues to push innovation in the financial technology marketplace.

"Based on feedback from customers and input from our employees, we worked to evaluate and more clearly define the Euronet brand architecture," said Michael J. Brown, President and CEO of Euronet. "Using these findings, we have crafted a new identity that better reflects the modern, sophisticated and experienced company we have become and will continue to be in the future."

Introducing the new Euronet brand

The driving force behind Euronet is captured in the company’s refined mission statement which states, "We build tomorrow’s financial technology today to enhance our global community and connect the world through financial participation."

The new Euronet logo is designed with a custom modern font and captures part of the company’s past with a similar deep blue color.

The capital E, which will be used on its own as a corporate logomark, features a diamond-shaped cut-out on the left that pays homage to the company’s original diamond shaped logo.

The cut-out along with a new green ("seafoam") addition to the company’s color palette creates a new corporate identity mark in the Euronet flag. Using the flag as a Euronet mark helps ground the company in the present by representing Euronet as the flagship brand its business segments (EFT, epay and Money Transfer) and payments platforms (Dandelion and Ren) work to support.

Examples of how the new Euronet brand elements can be used.

Roll-out plans include update of digital assets first

The company formally revealed the new brand on its corporate website at today and plans to implement it across its digital assets first while addressing updates to physical assets such as ATMs and building signage in an environmentally and economically conscious matter throughout 2023.

"As the founder of Euronet, I am particularly excited to carry this new branding strategy and logo into the future," Brown said. "Not only has this process refreshed our identity, but it has also allowed us to reflect on how far we have come as a company from just a few ATMs in the mid 1990s into a leading global financial technology solutions and payments provider in the 2020s."

In addition to the updates at, Euronet has launched a brand center microsite at that provides more information about the new brand and how to implement it as well as download access to the new logos, fonts, presentation templates and color palettes.

About Euronet

Starting in Central Europe in 1994 and growing to a global real-time digital and cash payments network with millions of touchpoints today, Euronet now moves money in all the ways consumers and businesses depend upon. This includes money transfers, credit/debit processing, ATMs, point-of-sale services, branded payments, currency exchange and more. With products and services provided through its own brand and branded business segments, Euronet and its financial technologies and networks make participation in the global economy easier, faster and more secure for everyone.

A leading global financial technology solutions and payments provider, Euronet has developed an extensive global payment network that includes 51,437 installed ATMs, approximately 590,000 EFT POS terminals and a growing portfolio of outsourced debit and credit card services which are under management in 65 countries; card software solutions; a prepaid processing network of approximately 777,000 POS terminals at approximately 352,000 retailer locations in 63 countries; and a global money transfer network of approximately 509,000 locations serving 188 countries and territories. Euronet serves clients from its corporate headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, USA, and 66 worldwide offices. For more information, please visit the Company's website at

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