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Adding Value to the Mortgage Industry

Loan Market is a network of more than 1,000 highly experienced mortgage advisors across Australasia. In New Zealand, its team of approximately 100 expert advisors helps secure more than $300 million in home financing each month. Loan Market advisors have access to a large range of loans and pride themselves in their deep understanding of the local real estate market.

Liam Bratton is a highly successful and committed Loan Market advisor based in Auckland. For Liam, being a great mortgage broker is about much more than just helping his clients get financing for their homes and investment properties. He believes that, to be successful in the long term, he needs to be considered a trusted advisor for more than just mortgages.

“I align myself with people who are experts in the various areas related to loans and real estate so I can refer my clients to knowledgeable people when needed,” he said. “Clients really value that. It means they keep coming back to me for advice and I’m always front of mind if they need help with loans or if someone in their network does.”

Traditionally, his clients would use banks to make international money transfers for their overseas property purchases. However, when Liam learned about XE, a subsidiary of Euronet, he realized there must be a better way for many of his clients. Through XE, his clients can get expert advice, better rates and advanced services such as forward contracts to secure exchange rates into the future.

Liam quickly formed a close relationship with the local XE team. Being fully aware that his area of expertise is mortgages, not international money transfers, he appreciated having trusted and knowledgeable XE contacts who he can connect his clients to and be confident that they will get the right advice – a partnership that has proven valuable in numerous situations.

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Adding value to the mortgage industry