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Euronet provides a modern approach for the demands of today's central banking systems


REN RTP Powers Real Time Payments Systems

Central banks base their RTP systems on REN RTP. Built from modules of the REN Foundation, REN RTP balances adherence to strict clearing house standards and regulations while meeting consumer and merchant expectations for usability, security, and speed.

An Architecture for RTP Processing

REN RTP addresses the key features of account-to-account payment processing in real time with powerful authorization, posting, settlement, and payer/payee notification functionalities.

An Efficient Go-To-Market Approach

With REN RTP, there is no need to build an RTP system from scratch. REN RTP includes an open API gateway and extensible messaging format that enables it to integrate with existing portals, systems, and protocols.

An Emphasis on Speed and Security

Along with industry-leading transaction processing speed, REN RTP includes a top-down security model that makes it possible to assign security measures from an infrastructure, interface, messaging, and data element level.

REN RTP provides the building blocks that central banks need to create a successful and stable real time payments network.



Stabilize now and innovate forever with the REN Foundation

The REN Foundation empowers national switches to manage the day-to-day operations of participant banks and businesses through an adaptable and secure solution. There are two options:

  • A transitional platform for modernization when a legacy system is nearing end of serviceable life,
  • Or a new system built from the ground up to accommodate Open Banking initiatives and other payment innovations.

With either option, the REN Foundation provides flexibility and the architecture required to cost effectively scale to an unlimited number of users with advanced services from core transaction processing to ATM and POS driving, mobile top up, bill payments, and digital wallets.

Governments and participants. National switches.

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