REN Ecosystem

REN Ecosystem

Enable Payments Modernization with Our Innovation Ecosystem

REN helps you overcome the obstacles of innovation

REN’s flexibility and focus on industry standards makes it an excellent choice for modernizing legacy infrastructures and enabling the movement and routing of data of any size, type, or format between applications and systems.

Accelerated Speed to Market

Accept alternative payments, add cutting-edge services, and launch new business ideas quickly as customer expectations and technology changes. Use REN to bridge the technology gap between legacy systems and emerging opportunities such as faster payments and real-time payments.

Use Existing Resources

Save time and money! REN operates with your existing hardware, operating system, and database. Changes and updates are made without taking the system down or the need for idle redundant servers.

Flexible Deployment Strategies

No need to rip and replace! Launch your modernization strategy with REN as the foundation. As the payments landscape continues to shift, adding REN to your technology arsenal means continued longevity and relevancy for legacy systems.

A flexible framework for creating solutions from small to large

The REN Ecosystem provides the building blocks that can be used alone, together, or with third-party products and services to create solutions in finance, banking, health care, telecommunications, retail, content distribution, payment processing, and other industries.

Examples of
REN-Based Products
  • Debit/pre-paid card issuing (physical and virtual cards, open loop and closed loop)
  • Cardless cash payouts (QR and contact-less)
  • Dynamic Cash Conversion (DCC)
  • Multivendor Solutions for ATM driving
  • Tokenization
  • Bill presentation and payment engine
  • Wallet solutions for banks, financial institutions and merchants
Examples of Solutions
Using REN-Based Products
  • Payment Gateways: Connections to international card associations and regional gateways
  • Device Driving: POS terminals and ATMs
  • API Gateway: Collection of functions and services related to REN and used to integrate REN products
  • Processor: Collection of products to perform services on behalf of your financial institution such as device driving, routing/authorization, etc.
  • Real Time Payments: Using REN to connect to existing real time payment schemes
  • Open API Catalog: Supports all issuing functions
  • QR Code-Based Platform: Supports EMVCo and national scheme frameworks for bank customers (issuing) and merchants (acquiring)
Examples of Solutions That
Use the REN Ecosystem
  • REN as Technology Bridge: Connect disparate systems
  • REN as Formatter: Transform messages between systems
  • REN as Payment Hub: A single point for routing to third parties
Process alternative payments like these.
Process alternative payments like these.

Tested and Reliable

REN has been at the core of our business since 2013 and provides the foundation for our Digital Integrated Payments Cloud.

In 2018 alone, REN processed more than 280 million transactions across 26 countries in all global currencies and for 58 different payment types using a minimal hardware configuration. Even in this complex transaction environment (routing payments, money transfers, and distributing digital content), REN has never had any scheduled or unplanned downtime.

REN Ecosystem

The REN Innovation Ecosystem is also the power behind national payment networks.

Euronet is in the process of re-tooling an entire country’s financial infrastructure with REN.

The nation’s central banking switch is relying on REN to supply a new financial ecosystem with a full suite of digital capabilities. When complete, all 22 member banks including 1,800 ATMs and 33,000 POS terminals will participate in this national payment network along with all mobile operators, billers, card associations, and digital wallets.

As a central connection, REN will facilitate person-to-person and business-to-consumer payments and make merchant acceptance of alternative payments (Alipay, etc.) possible for the country’s 33 million people with a bank account or digital wallet. All of this will occur without any change to their current payment interfaces or behaviors.

REN solution for Bank of Mozambique and SIMO

Key Features and Benefits

Learn more about the ways REN helps you modernize and innovate.

Adapt to New Opportunities

A microservices-based architecture enables quick adoption of new business opportunities through small code blocks written in the most widely used programming languages. The microservices operate outside REN’s main processing engine, enabling them to be added or updated without disrupting your transaction environment.

Dynamic Architecture

REN provides a secure and easily deployable communication technology that facilitates continuous bi-directional routing of any type of data between applications, devices, networks, and the REN server – regardless of network architecture. Connection services and toolkits establish connectivity between devices or assets via the communication method and hardware best suited for each scenario.

Flexible Solutions

Build a payments gateway, an API gateway, or a data transformation bridge between disparate systems. You can also implement a strategy between legacy systems and modernization by licensing different functionality from REN as you need it.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

REN makes modernization affordable with a small footprint in the data center. It’s a complete cloud-ready system with continuous integration including automated testing and certification. REN is also easily scalable with basic hardware.


Reduce coding time with scripted language connections, plugins, and by building business logic in a graphical way in days using a mapper drag-and-drop interface to affect changes in data structures. With out-of-the-box extensibility, REN easily scales to accommodate business growth.

Industry Agnostic Infrastructure

Compatible with industry leading operating systems (Linux, Unix, Windows, etc.) and databases (Oracle, MariaDB, MySQL, SQL Server, etc.). Uses industry standard protocols (REST, SOAP, ISO 20022, ISO 8085, etc.).

Big Data Interfaces

Eliminate monotonous MIS and static pre-programmed reports. Get up-to-date status reports through REN’s real-time dashboards built with industry standard tools.

Higher Speed and Agility

Real-time settlements reduce end-of-day batch processing from hours to minutes. REN delivers best-in-class performance with the ability to scale up and out in a linear fashion by adding resources.

Always Available

Supports active-active processing. Creates a logical data center (private cloud) across multiple physical locations. System stays up during maintenance, eliminating the need for planned downtime. REN has self-healing capabilities and supports full load balancing and recovery.

Access to Euronet Assets

REN enables the rapid creation of an infinite number of solutions that leverage real-time, bi-directional connectivity as needed. Additionally, the large portfolio of Euronet assets (ATMs, ATM management, RIA Money Transfer, epay digital content, SureXchange currency conversion, etc.) are available to augment your service offerings via REN.

REN Ecosystem

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