Payment Services

Check Processing/Guarantee
Allows retailers to accept checks and process them with guaranteed payment – just like a credit card. Retailers can economically expose bad checks before taking a bad check loss. All checks are processed through an electronic check terminal, which compares the check against the negative check file. If there is no match, the check is accepted for electronic deposit.

Merchant Acquiring
Provides solutions to many of its retailers for the acceptance of credit and debit cards as a method of payment, in-store and online.

Cross-Border Merchant Acquiring
In 2007, Euronet became the first company to sign an agreement for SEPA compliant cross border merchant acquiring in Europe. Euronet is now able to facilitate the migration of merchants' decentralized acquiring operations at merchant locations in multiple countries, to Euronet's single, central SEPA compliant processing platform for EPOS terminals as well as POS management and card authorization services. Euronet leverages its in-country European operations to provide 24/7 operations support, including local language customer support, to merchants across countries.

Bill Payment
A complete Bill Pay solution for your customers to securely pay their service providers with the flexibility to meet their household obligations. We offer an extensive array of service providers like AT&T, Verizon, Direct TV, MasterCard®, Visa®, and the list goes on to more than 1,500 service providers. In most cases, we can facilitate payment posting for your customers within one business day, in some cases immediately and all cases within three business days. The transaction process is secure and takes less than a minute for you to facilitate. When you become a Ria Bill Payment Agent, you are partnering with an industry leader who will provide full service customer service including marketing materials, training, IT support, 365 day customer service, and our team's commitment to exceed your expectations. Furthermore, our Bill Payment solution:

Transport & Ticketing

A payment solution across our retailer network for a range of transport applications including collection of payments for road tolls, congestion charge and parking. In addition our transport payment solution covers public transport ticketing and the ability to add value to transport smart cards and issue paper tickets at the point of sale.

Prepaid Debit Card Load/Recharge
Our extensive retailer network provides a solution for customers to load or recharge their prepaid cards. The card can be loaded directly by swiping it at the point of sale for real-time transaction or the customer can purchase an e-voucher to add funds to their prepaid account.

Prepaid Utility
Enables utility companies to capture payments via our retail network and provides customers with the convenience to access the service in their neighborhood stores. The customer can use a top-up card or smart card/token at the point of sale to load funds on to their prepaid meter.

Lottery & Gaming
Our retail network provides lottery organizations with an ideal technology and distribution infrastructure for the sale of lottery games and tickets, avoiding the need to build a dedicated POS network. Funds can be added to gaming accounts through an online top-up process or vouchers can be purchased to add credit off-line.


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Euronet products and services may vary by country.