Outsourcing Services

ATM Outsourcing
Cost savings and the ability to concentrate on core competencies are the obvious advantages of Euronet's outsourcing value proposition. Our services allow financial institutions to focus their human and financial capital on retail banking while Euronet assumes responsibility for day-to-day ATM management. Euronet provides extensive and sophisticated transaction processing capabilities and infrastructure, as well as economies of scale through our strong connections with ATM manufacturers and other ATM related service providers – such as cash-in-transit companies and first and second-line maintenance providers. We also bring long-term experience to ATM network management, with unsurpassed service levels.

Our processing capabilities have no boundaries. Our transaction processing centers span across four global locations, with local presence and local language support in over 15 countries. Our long-standing relationships with our customers are a testament to our true value – saving, efficiency, improved availability and increased customer satisfaction. Banks who have been reluctant to outsource the operations and management of their ATM networks in the past are increasingly turning to Euronet.

POS Outsourcing
Banks and merchants can rely on a single POS point of contact – Euronet – to handle all of their POS needs, eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple vendors. Euronet's experience with negotiating and managing third parties enables the effective leverage of our relationships to provide a direct bottom-line benefit to our customers.

Euronet provides banks and merchants with a consistently reliable, expanding POS infrastructure, including telecommunications and help desk management. Our flexible, scalable, leading edge IT and POS platform serves the immediate needs of banks and enables planning for the future. Euronet's fraud monitoring tools enable the detection of fraud patterns, leading to effective fraud control and reduction of risk and exposure – in a centralized, systematic and economic way.

Card Outsourcing
Euronet offers banks a quick and effective card entry strategy with internationally and locally certified debit, credit, prepaid or loyalty card program. By effectively capitalizing on the speed-to-market of Euronet's card solutions, banks are able to secure market share and build a reputation of full-service sophistication which customers expect. Euronet's operations centers handle all software and hardware requirements, maintenance concerns, upgrades and overhead expenses such as real estate and personnel – thereby allowing bank personnel to concentrate on their core business of issuing cards and managing customer relationships.


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Euronet products and services may vary by country.