Independent ATM Deployment

Independent ATM Networks
Euronet's extensive Independent ATM Networks in multiple markets makes us our own customer. We use the same systems, methodology and expertise to run our own networks as we use to manage the networks of our customers. This unique differentiator positions Euronet to be at the forefront of all compliance and regulatory issues, industry trends, and technological developments. We understand our customers' day-to-day needs and challenges and are prepared to respond to them – anytime, anyplace.

Network Particpation
As the operator of one of the largest independent ATM networks in Central and Eastern Europe, Euronet is in a unique position to offer card holders of network participating banks the use of Euronet's owned and branded ATM networks with preferential terms. The prime location of these devices - outside of bank branches in high traffic locations such as pedestrian zones, hypermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls, gas stations and transportation hubs - provides banks with additional distribution points and expanded customer reach. By leveraging Euronet's existing infrastructure, banks are able to provide additional touch-points and convenience to their customers without incurring any capital investment or operations expenses which would be required to expand or develop a network of their own.

Increased availability and reliability, expanded transaction sets and the acceptance of a wide card range all combine to provide banks with benefits which are far-reaching, strategic and efficient. Access to Euronet owned and branded terminals, is provided through bilateral agreements with domestic financial institutions individual countries or via International Card Organization networks such as Visa® and MasterCard®.

A network participation partnership enhances consumer loyalty as customers are provided access to a larger and more convenient network, with an extensive transaction set and a cost structure that they understand and trust.

Gateway Services
Euronet has an extensive network of connections to regional and international networks. Euronet operated terminals are able to accept a wide range of international debit and credit cards, including Visa and PLUS, MasterCard, EuroPay and Cirrus, American Express® and Diners Club International®, as well as bank-branded proprietary cards.

Benefiting both card issuers and acquirers, Euronet's Gateway Services provide participating banks with connectivity to International Card Organizations and local networks. It's a win-win situation. Card issuers are provided with access to additional acquiring touch-points, while the acquirers benefit from added revenue via the ability to accept International Card Organization branded cards. Euronet's Gateway Services include:

Stand-In Processing
Euronet is capable of providing authorization services to its Clients. This service provides Clients with a secure and reliable solution enabling it to offer card services without interruption for 24/7.

Euronet's Stand-in Processing Solutions can handle two types of processing:

1) Positive balance file based processing, where authorization is based on individual card limits. This requires Clients to provide Euronet with a card database, which includes card numbers with daily per card limits and a balance file that are checked during authorization.

2) Negative balance file based processing, where authorization is based on limit profiles. This requires Clients to provide Euronet with negative balance files (NFB) that contains cards, which should not be authorized for any transaction. If the card is not in the NBF then authorization will be carried out based on limit profiles that are set per card type.

Euronet will switch to stand-in authorization mode:

Whenever either of these circumstances occur, Euronet will authorize the cardholder transaction according to a positive balance file or negative balance file (pre-defined limits) established by the Client. The Client is solely responsible for updating the positive or negative balance file and limits on a daily basis while Euronet is responsible for making an authorization or denial decision. Upon establishing normal authorization mode, Euronet will forward all transactions (both approved and denied) to the Client's host. Bank can offer a secure and reliable card services to its customers without interruption for 24/7 operations.


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